Henderson Propane Service Inc. provides dependable service to a wide variety of commercial and industrial users all year round. As a business, we understand how critical it is to have vendor reliability, excellent service and the best product quality. We also know that the propane needs of a business can vary significantly for many reasons other than seasonal temperatures. Every business is unique and we can quickly adapt to a customer’s changing needs to consistently supply the highest level of service and customer satisfaction.

Our commercial and industrial customers include churches, schools, apartment complexes, restaurants, roofers, asphalters, contractors, body shops and many other types of businesses. Some of the commercial uses for propane include:

• Heating – Facility heating along with commercial dryers, process heating and heat treating.
• Ovens – Used for paint drying, commercial kilns, manufacturing processes.
• Hot Water – Hot water for offices, restaurants, boiler systems and steam generation
• Forklifts – Cleaner, more cost effective materials handling
• Generators – Insurance to keep your business operating smoothly during a power outage
• Cooking – Instantaneous and precise heat for efficient restaurant operation
• Warehouse/Shop Heat – Temporary or permanent heating solutions, portable or fixed
• Tar Kettles/Torches – Essential for asphalt contractors and roofers
• Floor Buffers – Office maintenance and industrial cleaning contractors
• Welding – Repair shops, metal fabricators and many others

We deliver only the highest grade propane to all of our commercial and industrial customers. We have a wide variety of tank and cylinder sizes to accommodate your propane needs. Our 24 hour emergency service provides you with the assurance you need that your business operations will not experience a costly interruption.


Many businesses utilize propane powered forklifts, especially for indoor warehouse use. These lifts operate with little pollution and do not require the long recharge periods of electric lifts. Propane forklifts are less expensive to purchase, typically have more lifting power and are more economical to run. Henderson Propane is happy to deliver forklift cylinders to customers of all sizes. Some businesses require only 1 or 2 cylinders a month, while others may need as many as 50 or more every day. We can tailor your delivery schedule to meet the changing demands of your business, even if it is seasonal in nature. All cylinders are maintained by Henderson Propane and we charge no delivery or Hazmat fees. Call or e-mail us today for a quote.


Propane generators can be used on farms for a variety of purposes, from running machinery to providing back-up power. Because of their portability, accessibility, and clean-burning characteristics, propane-fueled generators offer significant advantages over diesel- or oil-fueled equipment for power generation on a farm, where propane’s high portability gives it a significant advantage. Using distributed generation technologies, farmers can supply on-site power whenever and wherever it is needed, including fields and barns beyond the reach of power lines.

Irrigation Pumps

Of all the inherent risks farmers must contend with – frost, insects, weeds, and disease–insufficient rainfall may cause the most trouble. A reliable irrigation system, however, can help balance the unpredictable forces of nature.

A critical component of any irrigation system is the irrigation pump. Because it has several advantages over other fuels, propane is widely used to power irrigation pumps in all types of agricultural applications.

  • Environmental benefits
  • Propane pumps can produce the same amount of power as gasoline or diesel engines, but with fewer emissions.
  • Propane presents minimal risks to livestock, aquifers, ground water supplies, and soil because it is nontoxic and insoluble in water.
  • Propane will not leave the dangerous and sometimes toxic residues that may be left by liquid fuels.
  • Operational advantages
  • A propane engine¹s speed, or RPM, can be adjusted up or down depending on irrigation need. Unless specially equipped with variable speed drives, electric motors operate at a constant speed.
    Longer life: Engine parts and oil remain cleaner much longer.
  • Greater storability: Propane can be stored for extended periods of time, while gasoline or diesel tends to turn rancid over time.