Residential Propane Service


Henderson Propane has been supplying home customers in Colorado with all their propane needs since 1960. We know what is important to our customers. Safe, dependable and friendly service at competitive rates is what we promise you. Some of the things our customers use propane for are:

• Home Heating/Furnace – Efficient & comfortable!
• Hot Water – Fast recovery rates & economical!
• Cooking – Instant and controllable heat!
• Gas Logs – For ambiance and supplemental heat!
• Clothes Dryer – Cost savings & fast!
• Grilling – Who doesn’t like to grill out?!
• Generator – Peace of mind for your family
• Garage/Shop heat – finish that project in comfort!
• Swimming Pool Heaters – extend the swim season!
• Patio Heaters – Enjoy that patio or deck in the spring or fall!
• Outdoor Lighting – Set the mood around your outdoor entertaining areas!

If you do not own your own tank we offer tanks at a very low lease rate or if you already own your own tank, call us for our competitive rates. If we need to set a tank, we will work with you to find just the right place that the codes will allow. Typical residential tanks range in size from 100 gallons all the way up to 1000 gallons


Most of our home heating customers take advantage of our “Automatic Fill” program. Our computer tracks your consumption pattern and the weather so that we know when you need propane. We then automatically deliver to you when we are in the area. This relieves you of the stress of keeping track and insures you always have an adequate supply of fuel during the winter months.

We also offer a “Will Call” option for those who prefer to schedule their own deliveries. Just call us 7 to 10 business days in advance and we will schedule your propane delivery. To prevent running out of gas it is important that homeowners monitor their consumption carefully.


Henderson Propane offers a number of pricing plans designed to fit your needs. Auto fill, pre-buy, and will-call rates are some of the pricing plans we offer. Henderson Propane offers a number of payment options to fit your budget and lifestyle. Budget billing, credit cards, electronic payments, and pre-payments are some of the options we offer.

Also for those rough patches we are all hitting right now given our economy, we can direct you to programs that are available to help; for example L.E.A.P. (Low Income Energy Assistance Program), applications are available in our office from November through April. We also have other sources to help with home heating, just stop by and see us or give us a call.


You can rest comfortably knowing Henderson Propane has 24 hour emergency service. We are available 365 days a year to help if you should ever have a problem. When our office is closed our qualified staff has access to the computer that houses your account every hour of every day. We’ll be there for you when you need us.