Service Department

Henderson Propane Service Inc goes beyond providing you with the best home heating energy with services that are all designed with you in mind.

The best thing about propane is that it can be installed easily in any home or business. And when Henderson Propane handles your installation, you can count on a safe, quality job from initial design to your first fill!

We can help keep most of your propane appliances and heating systems running at peak performance all year long. Our certified and safety-trained employees will ensure you’ll be able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your system is operating as efficiently as possible.

Pull the plug on your electric appliances and save! Propane is the more cost-effective fuel choice for the big heating jobs such as space heating, water heating, cooking, clothes drying, and hearth inserts.

Day or night, our own team of safety-trained certified technicians and drivers are ready to help you through any propane emergency. You can count on them to be prompt, professional, and knowledgeable.

Whenever you purchase new propane equipment be sure and give us a call. We will make your gas connection safely and promptly, ensuring all required safety codes are met.

We also offer remote tank monitoring that eliminates the need for you to check the level of fuel in your tank(s). We highly recommend this service for seasonal homes and businesses. How does it work? The Tank Monitoring System consists of a transmitter connected directly to your propane tank and a small receiver connected to a phone jack in your home or office. The system sends a wireless signal from the tank to the receiver and continually monitors your propane tank level and the inside temperature where the receiver is located. Each day the base unit calls Henderson Propane to let us know how much propane is in your tank and (if option selected) reports the inside temperature of the room where the base unit is located. The receiver also calls Henderson Propane when either the propane tank level or (if option selected) inside temperature falls below a predetermined set point, greatly reducing the chance of an out-of-gas or freeze-up event at your home or business. In addition to notifying Henderson Propane, a customer notification via email is available. Basic monitoring starts at $150 installation/deposit and $9.95 per month (depending on options selected).

To ensure the safety of your propane gas systems, we recommend scheduling a periodic Propane Safety Check. We’ll check all your lines and equipment, plus discuss propane safety with you and your family.

To schedule service or learn more about how you can benefit by expanding the use of propane in your home, contact us today at 719-683-2427.