Motor Fuel

Yes Propane can be used to power Trucks, Pickups, Cars and any other type of motors.

It has been proven for years that our cars will run perfectly on fuels such as liquid propane (also known as LP) gas. This technology has been around since mid 60’s and is currently being used by approximately 350,000 vehicles in North America. Most popular vehicles include forklifts, taxi cabs, public buses and some trucks. Now this kind of technology is getting more attention from everyday car owners.

Advantages to converting your car to liquid propane (LP) are:

  • cost, average price for propane is at around 50% less than regular gasoline
  • you’ll stop destroying the air we breathe
  • easier on your engine, no build up, your spark plugs will breathe easier too
  • your engine performance and mileage per gallon are about the same
  • you can simply switch between running your car on regular gasoline or propane
  • equipment can be uninstalled for use in your next vehicle.

Disadvantages to converting your car to liquid propane (LP) are:

  • costs involved in switching (parts, labor, etc.)
  • Fewer stations are equipped with propane filling station (but more and more are coming on line)
  • Heavier wallet with all the money saved driving on propane.

So, how do you convert your car to run on propane or natural gas? Easy call Henderson Propane Service Inc. and we will tell you how we can convert your vehicle to clean burning propane.

The installment of the above mentioned equipment is not something we would recommend for you to try at home. This is not a do it yourself project, as this is a precision process and the equipment has to be fine tuned by a licensed professional at Henderson Propane Service Inc. in order for your car to work properly.

 Call Dan at 719-683-2427 to find out more and how to

convert your pickup, car or any other motor to Clean Bruning Propane.

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