Industry Efforts

Certified Industry Training and Gas Check

Propane is used safely by 60 million Americans — and stored, handled, and transported by thousands of professionals — every day. That safety comes from a combination of stringent codes and regulations and our industry’s extensive training and safety awareness programs.

Before propane employees are allowed to deliver propane to you or service your appliances, they are trained in all aspects of delivering propane and installing and servicing propane appliances. Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) updates our training programs frequently to ensure that employees are equipped with the most current procedures and information available.

Another example of this critical industry training is Gas Check, an inspection protocol developed by the propane industry and funded by PERC. Gas Check provides guidelines to technicians on how to perform two different types of residential safety inspections:

  • A “Gas System Check,” which can be completed on the gas delivery system, including containers and regulators.
  • A “Gas Appliance System Check,” which includes all of the items above, plus all propane-burning appliances.

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